Advantages Of Transit Advertising

If you are a company looking to advertise to a large audience and want to be able to reach everyone and everybody, then transit broadcasting is the best form for you. This type of advertising is done by placing huge print ads on vehicles of public transportation, bus stop shelters, tube stations, train stations and even have designated vehicles of the company with print ads that drive around. These method is an important medium that provides companies the ability to be able to target a market filled with different ages, groups of people that come from different backgrounds and incomes as well. Given below are a few advantages of using transit advertising.


What any company craves for its advertisements is the long exposure. This exposure that ads needs is one of the major advantages that can be reaped from the use of transit advertising. A person’s average day to day commute from one place to another adds up to about 45 minutes, which exposes them to these ads for a considerable amount of time. Moreover, public transportation is used by millions and millions of people every day, that allows people from different ages to all walks of life to be exposed to the ads.


Transit advertising, a form of outdoor advertising, targets a large audience and that too several times a day. Due to most of our daily routines, to work and back, the bus rides and subways are used constantly resulting in the increase of the frequency in which we are exposed to these ads. For instance, riding the bus every day to work and back for a period of one month would allow you to see the ad at least 30 to 50 times.

Geographic selection

This form of out of home advertising provides many local advertisers with the opportunity to reach a stipulated segment of the population. If you are planning on catering a new product towards a particular ethnic group, that you think would be interested in purchasing this item, you would have to place these ads in places in which you think citizens of this particular ethnic group moves around.

Timelines and cost

Having a print ad in a bus that is used by many to arrive at a shopping mall or a store would be ideal in promoting a particular product, because this product will be remembered, and be immediately bought at the store making it very timely. Moreover, having these print ads on the side of buses or trains do not cost much when compared to other advertisement methods, allowing companies to part take in more and more transit advertising.

The advantages of this type of advertisements may not be of use to a different company. Which makes it important to carefully analyze the benefits and drawbacks and make a timely decision.