Are We Selling And Buying Love In This 21st Century? A Behavioural Analysis Of Teenage Behaviour

Often heard topic, right? This is a very hot topic because it is actually happening. Broken people try to size each other end up hurting each other with their own broken pieces or get hurt by trying to fix the other person. You need to fix your own broken sled before you can fix some one else. There are popular sayings like when the right person comes along you will feel like it is the best present you have ever done for yourself. When he or she hugs you, they will re-join each and every piece of broken yourself. But the problem is they will get hurt in trying to fix you.

But nowadays; there is no longer point in wishing the stars for your prince charming because the prince charming is going to be a stupid person. The relationships are like just looking at the skin not at the love or character or personality hidden inside. It is so hard to fall in love because people do not just get different types of people. People change constantly that you loose the person you fell in love with and find you are sitting at the restaurant with someone who is a figment of someone who they used to be.

Young teen guys are going on dates with the girls who are old enough to be their elder sisters. They are playing a game of materialism and reputation. They are throwing unique gifts in Singapore at each other and call that love. There is not deep conversations, there is not slow and soft cuddles. It is like a hot molten lava where passion and lust is blinding everything else. When the passion wears off, flaws are too prominent to be ignored.

This is the main reason for these kind of breakups and never lasting relationships is lack of conversation. People never get to know each other well. There are so many things that we will have to see to test for compatibility. Moreover two people might be in love, but they may not be compatible. This might be enjoyable when you guys are in love and running around the place like crazy idiots but when you are married, it is going to be a different story.

It is so hard to see happy married couples who are celebrating their 20th anniversary. Marriages gave been reduced to prenuptial and arrangement to live under one roof without love. It is like no point in marrying when concepts like having sex before marriage, being single parent and living together are accepted ideas.