Fun Things To Learn In Adult Life

As they say, learning never ends. If you are an adult who hasn’t been to a school in decades, don’t worry, your education doesn’t end with school. After securing a full-time job, most people are stuck in a mundane 9 to 5 routine that not offer much in terms of personal enrichment. However, recent digital advances have made learning easily and freely accessible online. So, if you are a working adult with no extra time or money for college classes, here are some you can learn free online:

Basic Programming

All the electronic gadgets you use, from your laptop to the programmable coffee maker in the kitchen, works because of computer programs. Nowadays, even normal people develop highly successful mobile apps and websites. You may have wondered how. It’s because they have learned a programming language. These are essential to modern life, even if you haven’t been taught one at school. Programming languages aren’t hard to learn. If you can spare couple of hours of your weekend to learn one online for free, you might be able to make your own app one day and earn some extra cash. 

Foreign Languages

How much of Spanish or French that you learned in school do you remember? Don’t worry, it’s never too late to learn Swedish or Chinese composition writing. Plenty of free online courses now offer a plethora of foreign language courses that you can start learning at your own pace. You can drop one and choose another if you like. So, if you plan to go on vacation or retire at an exotic locale, try learning a foreign language.

Introductory Economics

Many of us didn’t learn economics at school, and yet, it’s one subject that never escapes our adult lives. Economics are everywhere, in your home and in the news. When an election comes around, do you understand when candidates talk about things like microeconomic policies, fiscal spending, recessions and GDP? You are familiar with these terms, and yet you know too little about them. Change that today by taking an introductory economic class online.


Complement that Chinese composition writing class with a history lesson. History is usually one of the least favorite subjects at school. However, learning history in the modern age has less to do with memorizing dates and more to do with watching cool videos and reading ancient scriptures. So, learn something new about what you think you know about history.

As you can see, there are only so many things you can learn in your adult life. If only there was a little more free time.