Relocating Your Work Place

Relocation is not easy on anyone, even for a professional company. Taking time to find the right business premises and safely moving equipment is quite a responsibility. However, this is a team effort where employers and employees have to work together and pitch in where necessary, even though the major part of moving will be handled by professionals.
The New Location
Before moving, plans should be discussed with the management team about convenience, business and financial needs, staff expansion etc. Hold a staff meeting with all the employees and allow them to give some suggestions if any. Estimate the costs and if the timing is right. Trying to do too much too soon or cheaply may result in more expenses and issues, so the company should be given a reasonable amount of time to consider things.
The Costs
Decide what type of lease would be suitable either long-term or flexible, and if you can handle high monthly costs or not. You can even temporarily rent out a furnished office space for a month or for handling meetings. If this is an unexpected move where you have no choice, be prepared for some setbacks like losing a few weeks of business or regular clients. If this is an unexpected move where you have no choice, be prepared for some setbacks like a losing few weeks of business or clients.
Create a budget for the moving costs and supplies to make it easier to monitor your finances, you will have to hire professional office movers so that no equipment or furniture will be damaged. There will be expenses, yet damaged equipment will cost you more.

Involving the Staff
Depending on the size of your company, choose a senior employer in each department who is capable enough to be in charge of the big move. Assign roles to employees to form teams with a leader. Working together and clear communication is very important so that operations will run smoothly, this also means discussing safety and packing procedures with your staff. Files, documents and office equipment that are handled by staff should be packed and labeled correctly to avoid confusion at the new location. Before moving make sure your stock count is up to date, and take inventory of all stationary in stock, furniture and office equipment before you move. Create a deadline and keep office movers booked in for the date. Discuss transport and details with the moving company.
Planning your Workspace
Relocating is a chance for you to make your office space more efficiently arranged than the previous place. The departments that are vital to the business should be set up first such as the IT department, Customer Services, Product Development or even Administration. Phone lines and office wifi services should also be ready to use once you are in the new premises. Cleaning and maintenance should ideally be done before moving into the new work place, especially the areas that are essential or where you handle clients.