The Different Dress Codes For Different Parties

The cool thing about a party is that there are no rules about how to throw one. It can be formal or informal; with or without music; conventional or outrageously controversial. Either way, parties demand certain types of clothes and each party has a different wardrobe. So here are some different types of parties you may encounter in your life and what kind of clothes you can wear to them:
Drinks at Cocktail Parties
A cocktail party is a social gathering, usually of business associates and acquaintances. The objective is to network, not necessarily socialize, although the two are not mutually exclusive. So cocktail parties demand formal wear with a little bit of spice. Gentlemen are expected to wear formal suits, but they can ditch the tie for an open- necked, more casual look with a dressier shirt. Sports coats and slacks are also allowed. Ladies should wear cocktail dresses with a bit of sparkle; simple dresses can be paired with heavier jewellery while flashier dresses should be accessorized modestly. It’s not a dance party, so watch the length of those dresses.

Beachwear for a Beach Bash
If you’ve been invited to a beach party, be ready to be thrown into the water. Avoid heavy fabrics and jewellery; absolutely no formal clothing. Wear light, airy clothes with a bathing suit underneath. Think of slightly dressier versions of a wraparound or dress you might wear on the beach to cover up your bikini or swimming trunks. Same goes for a yacht party; no one expects you to turn up in a Versace ball gown.
However, a yacht party is slightly more formal, so summer clothes like strapless cotton dresses or cotton shirts and slacks can be worn too. Footwear should be absolutely informal: no shoes and heels, only sandals or loafers.
Dinner and Dance at a Dinner Dance
Dinner dances are all about having fun so dress codes can range from smart casual to formal and anything in between. Gents, you can wear a dressy shirt and slacks, sports blazer and slacks, or full suit either two- or three- piece. Ladies, you can do daringly short dresses, to floor length ball gowns. Remember that there is a dance floor, so don’t wear anything too restrictive; the aim is to have dinner and dance as well. Tip for all: wear comfortable shoes because once the plates are cleared away, those feet are not gonna get any rest.
Having Fun at Costume Parties
The title says it all: these parties are all about the costumes. Costume parties can be masquerades, Halloween parties, themed parties (like murder mystery or superheroes) and many more. If it’s a masquerade, check whether there are guidelines for costumes: some parties do modern chic, while others insist on period costumes. Also, don’t forget that eye makeup as all the masks come off at 12 midnight. If it’s a Halloween party there are really no limits; wear whatever you want and make it fierce. If it’s a themed party, try your best to keep to the theme. Small deviations are allowed, but the host chose the theme for a purpose, so honour their decision. Don’t turn up to a black- and- white ball wearing red a la Selena Gomez in Cinderella Story 2. View this website for more information about wedding package in Singapore.