Tips To Decorate A Girl’s Room

In some countries, people believe that girls are unlucky for the family. Most of the Asian countries such as India, are suffering such kind of stereotypical ideas. But in reality, having a girl in a family is the best thing parents could have. Girls are not unlucky. They make the house cheerful.

Being a girl is awesome, trust me. Personally I love my life. Well, there are some restrictions such as, I can’t stay out after 8.00 pm, and I can’t go everywhere I want. Yet, there are ways to enjoy our life. So, if you think for a second as being a girl sucks. No, it’s not. All you have to do is to keep one step out from the boundary.

Unlike boys, we need our rooms to be amazing. This doesn’t mean that we have to color it pink or hang butterflies everywhere. Do you know what’s great about being a girl? You can choose anything you want. It doesn’t matter whether its boy’s taste or a girl’s taste, you have the permission to decorate your room, just as you want.

Bed – We like pink color because it’s so sweet. So, if you are obsessed with pink color, like I have obsesses with dark blue color, use pink color as the theme color in your room. You can use the pink curtains for your windows also. This will make you feel like a princess.

Walls – Unlike boys, we don’t hang everything on our walls. We want our room to be amazing. Therefore, we use different decorations for walls.

There are wallpaper like patterns, paintings, and etc. And, at present, DIY or Do It Yourself has become world widely famous. You can make anything, such as origami, paper quilling, hearts, butterflies, or even you can do a drawing on your wall. This is all about making your room comfort and friendly.

Make your room a multi-purpose one.

You room is not only your bed room. It’s your study room and your rest room. So, remember to have a couch in your room. And a rack to store books. So, whenever you have a free time, you can read a book in your room. Sounds great, doesn’t it? And if you have more space in your place, you can invite your friends to have a sleep over. This will be so much fun. If not, you guys can spend the night watching TV or talking. What I want to tell is, try to have more space in your room. It will make you free and happy.