Tips To Keep In Mind When Photographing Newborns

Every photographer has their own style of doing things, but when it comes to photographing newborns, different ways and styles need to be adopted to be able to get the perfect pictures. If you have not become a parent yet, you would not necessarily know how to handle a baby, and there will be a number of surprises that may come your way. For anyone who is interested in adding newborn photography into their CV or portfolio, read on to find a few tips.

The setting

There are two ways in which you can go about clicking photographs of a baby; it can be either lifestyle or posed. There is no one correct way, and both these methods come with their unique qualities, but before you use any of them, make sure you discuss, and ask the clients know what they prefer, while letting them know what type of techniques you are planning on using. Posed sessions usually take place within the first two weeks, with photographs of the baby sleeping, in blankets, and looking perfect. Whereas, lifestyle photos can be taken during the first six weeks, and is not of the baby alone, but in the hands of the parents while oozing love.


Whether it’s at a baby photo shooting studio or a client’s home, there is a ton of preparation that has to be done, and which requires equipment ranging from backup camera, lenses to heaters, blankets and small speakers. When there is a need to organize different types of equipment, there is a tendency to forget at least one of those things. Which is why it is necessary to plan, and make a list of what you would need and work accordingly.

Client’s preparation

You can be going to a client’s home, or the parents can be coming in to the baby photo shooting studio. Either way, the parents have to be properly prepped, and made aware of what they can expect and how they should take considerable measures to prepare for the photography session. What you can do to make the process easy is to send the client an email with a list of things they can get done in order to adequately prepare.

Let it flow

Whenever you are photographing a newborn, the process has to take place rather organically. While it is necessary to have a plan, and an idea of how you want to go about doing things, letting things pan out and capturing the natural and unplanned things would turn out to be the best pictures that come out of the process. All babies have their own unique qualities, and it is necessary to be patient and capture the simple things and gestures they do, whether it’s a little yawn or a grin that takes place organically. The less forced the photographs are, the more pure and beautiful they will look.

You may know the tricks and traits of photographing a wedding, but newborn photography will be a totally different ball game, which is why it is necessary to read and be prepared for what is to come.