Top Team Building Exercises

Most workplaces tend to get a negative vibe on the fact that it is seen as an obligation and necessity rather than a choice, unless you’re a part of one of the fortunate few who like what they do for a living. None the less, companies have come up effective tools and exercises which help to motivate employees and boost office morale.

Office trivia

This is an effective and sneaky way to getting your employees more engaged in their work environment. The game is simple, 10 questions per round and all questions will be workplace related raging from the mundane colour of the break room tiles to the more challenging surname game. Despite how badly the scores are on the initial try with this corporate team building exercise, subsequent attempts will improve the knowledge of the workers making them more engaged in office life.

Battle of the air bands

Nothing is more fun than people making fools of themselves with music, it’s fun, it’s hilarious and it really rallies people together. But in an official capacity, this might not be the most professional technique. Sure, meeting your workmates for a drink after hours is not wrong but it won’t really work as a corporate team building tool. But fear not, we have a substitute, Battle of the Air Bands. Split your workers into smaller groups and ask them to pick a song, give them time to prepare and let them put on a mini show for the rest. Also remember to have an excellent prize, this will only boost cooperation. This might be considered somewhat childish, but there is nothing wrong with bringing out your inner child. For something a little more sophisticated go for escape rooms.

Community service

You can make your employers take part in as many company events but there are some techniques which will not only help you band your group together but will also provide you with ample positive PR, community service. Working within the community will help you to better understand your members and them, each other. This will always have a positive outlook on the part of both the community as well as the workers how will respond better knowing that their work is being used for a good cause. However, the trick is to pick a task that will generate the most support and enthusiasm from the members. The key with such exercises is that you must pick an activity that will include everyone and that will bring about voluntary participation and enthusiasm. As managers you have to handle your juniors and it’s one thing to make them participate in head office mandated activity but it is another to make them want to be there and genuinely have fun while taking part.