What Makes A Fantastic Food Photographer?

As of late, food photography has taken over all social media platforms, from Instagram to Facebook and Pinterest for instance. In fact, there are probably more pictures of food that you want to see today, as people are making full use of their smartphones and trying their own hand at this type of photography. However when it comes to an event, you cannot really rely on a smartphone; you need professional food photography services, especially depending on the type of event in question. Of course if there is a member of staff in your office who is exceptionally good at taking pictures, then they may be suited for the task as well, but this is not something to rely on. So here are some tips to help pick the right photographer accordingly.

The Angle

Good photographs are made up of several different elements, and food photography is all about making the dish look appetizing. Where the image will be published also affects the quality of the photograph, which is why the angle used is a critical part of it. Different foods look their best at respective angles, and some photographers tend to work with a main one, occasionally alternating between others as well. It is not like hiring a reliable photo booth in Singapore for instance.

The Story

Different photographers have different photography styles, and so their work differs from one to another. When it comes to food photography however, it is a lot more substantial when there is a background story to the hero shot. For instance, if you are trying to showcase a traditional sweet from a country for instance, why not look for props that will enhance the background, giving the viewer a very real insight into the culture of the country? The main dish should be surrounded with these props, as this is what draws people in; a connection.


We all know how hard it can be to get hold the right lighting when trying to upload a photograph on social media, so imagine doing it with food. One really does need to have a trained eye and some experience with this, as missing the proper lighting is a photo-shoot gone to waste. You can of course work with software’s like Photoshop and more to help fine-tune the images, but if the photograph itself is not very creative, they cannot fix this. They can simply help fix problems with shadows and sharp shapes to give the desires effect. Food photography depends heavily on lighting, something even an emerging videographer of food should bear in mind.

Less Clutter

Though we mentioned using props for the background story, we do have to stress that over-cluttering images is a very bad idea. When screening food photographers, keep a sharp eye out for this. Ensure that the surroundings do not distract from the main point of focus. The less clutter the better. Remember to look for these points at all times.